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Exhaust Fan Installation

Exhaust Fan Installation

A popular trend in electrical work right now is installing exhaust fans. These are small quiet fans that are typically placed in a bathroom wall or ceiling. They provide air flow to the small area without being annoying or taking up too much space. Although they seem convenient and easy to install, it actually takes quite a bit of expertise to correctly put in. If you want the job done right, you have to call the right electricians.

We know exactly what size fan to choose for your room and how to wire and install it safely and quickly. Having a fan in your bathroom can be such a blessing, but it can also be such a curse if it is installed incorrectly. That’s why we guarantee our electricians can complete the installation from start to finish.

We will help you chose the correct fan that will give you the most efficient use of power with the quietest delivery. We will then cut the holes, drill the screws, and make sure everything is up and running before we go. Our people at LS Electrician Singapore know what they are doing. They have the skills, experience, and resources to install a fan for you in no time with no problems.

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Power Failure

Our electricians have this knowledge and understanding! They are trained in every area of electrical work including power outages.

Repair & Replacement

Although we offer some very specific services, we also offer a general repair and replacement service.

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We has the skills, experience, and training needed to wire your house, whether old or new, safely and efficiently. 


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We also perform electrical rewiring! Rewiring usually happens when the wiring within a house or flat has gone bad.

Circuit Breakers

Keeping your house or work space safe should be your electrician’s number one priority, and here at LS Electrician Singapore, it is. 

Exhaust Fan Installation

We know exactly what size fan to choose for your room and how to wire and install it safely and quickly.

Distribution Box Installation

We understand how to connect the wiring, divide the circuits, and bring it all together in a well hidden but easily accessed spot.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Do you need more airflow that your air conditioning just can’t provide? Is your patio just too hot on those summer nights?

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Switch Installation

One of the main conveniences of today’s times that we often take for granted is the fact that we can flick on the lights with just a turn of a switch.

Power Point Installation

Our electricians are trained, insured, and altogether prepared for the task. We can install power points for you quickly and with no inconvenience to you.

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